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Deck Mount Skylight


       VELUX deck mounted skylights, our best and most versatile skylights combine an insulated glass lens, a pre-finished white wood frame and protective aluminum or copper cladding into one unit that is mounted directly to the roof deck. Flashing kits are available for most roofing materials.


       Blinds, controls and other accessories are also available. Please visit our showroom or visit Velux online for details and options.

Solar Powered, Electric & Manual 

"Fresh Air" Skylights


       The solar powered "Fresh Air" system features a solar panel that charges an internal battery and control system. The skylight is remote controlled and solar powered requiring no additional wiring, making it an easy and cost effective installation.


       The electric "Fresh Air" skylight models feature a pre-installed concealed motor and control system with an integrated rain sensor that close skylights automatically in case of inclement weather. 


       The manual "Fresh Air" skylights open and close using a control rod that operates a smooth turning handle when the skylight is out of reach.

Curb Mount Skylight


       Designed to be used where a site-built curb is the preferred method of installation, curb mounted skylights consist of an insulated glass lens sealed into a protective metal frame. Constructed with maintenance free interior frame and sash that insulates and strengthens the unit. VELUX flashing (shingle and tile roofs only) is installed around the site-built curb. Then the skylight is mounted onto the flashed curb and fastened into place.


       Blinds, controls and other accessories are also available.

Fixed Skylight


       With  a streamline exterior profile to create a seamless roof line and integrated gaskets drain condensation to the outside, Velux fixed skylights create a natural and energy efficient solution for your darker rooms. 

About Velux


       The VELUX name is derived from two words - Ventilation and Lux, the Latin word for light. VELUX, which has manufacturing companies in 11 countries and sales companies in just under 40 countries, is one of the strongest brands in the global building materials sector and its products are sold in most parts of the world.


       VELUX creates better living environments with daylight and fresh air through the roof. Our product program contains a wide range of roof windows and skylights, along with solutions for flat roofs. In addition, VELUX offers many types of decoration and sun screening, roller shutters, installation products, products for remote control and thermal solar panels for installation in roofs. VELUX Technology also supplies original VELUX components to our partners working in the field of roof window sunscreening.





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